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We want to sharpen your craft skills in the usage of industrial metals for those perfect designs you admire in magazines.

We are bringing the industrial activities at the comfort of your home through our books.

We inform, equip and empower you on the correct usages of iron, steel among other industrial metals to have that desired designs in metalwork.

We have a team of writers who are experienced not only in content writing but also in business management of such kind of enterprise.

We also bring on board like-minded individuals who also want to share their experiences in this industry.

This is the blog where you get to view practical sessions when it comes to blast furnace We know we are not able to exhaust everything in this hands-on skill; that is the point we bring books and publications to widen your quest for knowledge.

We have a library of books for both beginners and experts.



Novices get knowledge from the introduction books that tend to focus on theory aspect then graduate to practical sessions.

We are a course in our style. We have testimonies of vivid readers who have become renowned smelters from the knowledge they get from the books we publish our site.
We are a one-stop site on all matters of refining industrial metals.

Information is power, so they say. This is a literary publisher that gives you information on blast furnaces that utilized for smelting and refining industrial metals, generally iron, and widely used of the creation of steel. We are a reference point in this industry.

That is why we saw it fit to have a place where smelters and relevant stakeholders can meet and talk about the use of industrial metals.



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