Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and empower the public on the use of industrial metals for both start-ups and multinationals.

We incorporate both the traditional and moderns technologies in the industries to have the best in the market.
We want to sharpen your skills. We are building n what you already know in these hands-on skills.

We also want to encourage beginners who may think they lack a mentor or information to hold their hand to become the best. Our core values that drive the organization include









With our practical mission and values, you will have reliable and factual information about this delicate industry.
All the myths and traditions are demystified here. We verify our information and that explains the reason behind our technical bench.
We don’t just post information for commercial benefit. We want to see you grow in this business.
We go through a thorough verification process such that we are sure of the authenticity of the content we post on our site.
This is a site built from a founder who has a well build an industrial factory that deals with all manner of industrial metals.

We don’t provide information from research on the internet. We are a hands-on blog that provides information from a front line point of view.

The methodologies we use are practical, and from real-life experience, we have in our factory.
Any new technology that comes we test and verify its practicability before we release it in any of our publications.
In case it’s not worth an investment, it won’t pass the verification process. That’s how honest we are.


Are you passionate about industrial metalworking? Do you want to sharpen your skills on industrial metalworking?
What is it you want to read from our site? Talk to us; we would like to hear your thoughts and engage you on matters of industrial metal working..